Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Back to Reality.

Egads we were dead yesterday. We arrived home in the wee hours of the morning, collapsed into bed, and didn't wake up until mid-morning. I let the kids stay home from school, they were beyond tired. Didn't have a thing in the house, so Thing One and I dragged our unshowered selves to the Super Walmart (and ran into Karen and her cutie pie, Summer! Sorry, Karen, if I seemed out of it. I honestly couldn't string two words together!) and stocked up on essentials. And I was really mad because the Walmart in UTAH had these delicious frozen cook-them-yourself tortillas, but OF COURSE the Walmart here didn't have them. Boo. Bad Wisconsin.

Our vacation was good. My Highlights: Hubby and I went nuts at the BYU Bookstore, I got to taste an In N Out burger FINALLY for the first time since we lived in Vegas 14 years ago (the closest thing we have here in Wisconsin is Five Guys--but not the same) and we saw all the movies we'd been wanting to see. LOVED Sherlock Holmes. LOVED Avatar. Could have done without Disney's Princess and the Frog, or whatever it was. I think I have the record for most apps downloaded on my new ipod Touch--I had an old first generation ipod Touch and it stinks compared to my new one--and I love every one of those apps. Had a Spa Day with SIL at the Aveda Salon. And every night the guys (DARN THEM!) would come home with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Yeah, we don't have those here, either. Wah!!!

Tried new Yoga sequences. Laughed when I fell down...a few times. Boy, do I need to work on my balance. Survived two hours at a Jumpy Castle place--with literally a ZILLION stinky kids, and rang in the New Year while watching Season One of Glee--we converted BIL and SIL into "Gleeks." We all can't wait until Season Two! And I'm extremely jealous of Hubby's new Kindle--I fully intend to steal it soon. If I ever get a chance to read ANYTHING...

Now I need to hurry and get all the Christmas decorations down like it never happened (funny how that is) and do 93726 loads of laundry, and get back into a routine.

On the menu: Potty Training. Wheee. And editing two novels. At least I am looking forward to THAT!!!

2010 better not "sneak" up on me like 2009 did! It was over in the blink of an eye! Where does the time go?????


Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT holiday. So happy for you!

Michelle Miles said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Now, let's get back to writing! :)