Monday, January 11, 2010

Among Other's COLD.

Brrrrrr. That about sums up my weekend. I've lived in Wisconsin for about seven years, collectively (except for a short 10-month stint in Colorado a few years back, wahhh) and I don't think I'll EVER get used to the bitter cold.

Okay, complaint for the day out in the open and done with.

Had a good weekend. Saturday was busy--Hubby was getting ready for his first New York trip of the year. At least he only has one this month. In February I think he has three back-to-back business trips. Yikes.
Anyway, Thing One had a church volleyball tournament in the morning (they won all three games, yay!) and I feel bad, but I wasn't there. She'd spent the night before at a friend's house and gone with them. I will go next week. ;-) I went with hubby to get the boys' haircuts, and then we did a killer weight workout. I honestly think buying the Hoist V5 for our home gym was the best investment, EVER.

Then I went to pick up Thing One (who was beyond tired and sore from all the volleyball and lack of sleep) and told her to soak in the tub, while Hubby and I got ready for our date night. We went shopping at the mall and tried a new Mexican restaurant that just opened recently, and were sorely disappointed. We wanted true "Tex Mex" and got what Hubby calls "Chic Mex." They didn't even have Fajitas on the menu, and Hubby and I LOVE Fajitas! :-(

Oh well, we had a nice night out together and when we got home we brought the kids icecream and they watched a movie while we got caught up on DVR shows. American Idol starts up this week--I've never been interested enough to watch much more than the mortifying beginning shows where they have all the crazies audition, but Hubby and the kids LOVE the show. Good for them. They can watch, and I can WRITE. It's a win-win.

Sunday was nice and quiet, just me and the kids (Hubby was on a plane) and we had 1pm church. Having a "big" breakfast and sleeping in is SO awesome! But of course Thing Four naps until 1pm usually, and we had to be on the road at 12:25. So, his nap had to get cut short. But we survived.

Just got the kids off to school and had breakfast--lots of running around to do today! And my walk-in closet is no longer "walk in." Guess I'd better clean it. Boo.


Michelle Miles said...

Sounds like you had a good/busy weekend!

I hate the cold. It's wrecking my sinuses.

But you know I think I hate Mondays even more. :D

Unknown said...

What restaurant was it? You know, so we can avoid it too!

We are 3. said...

I agree, the Hoist V5 is a great piece of home equipment.
Are you still working with a trainer or you and hub each other's trainer? Either way, way to go!!