Thursday, July 26, 2007

Austen on the Brain

Status: Busier than snot. Lots to do! Short post today.

The power went out last night--it was pretty funny, because the kids were in the movie theater in the basement, watching Jurassic Park, and suddenly everything went dark and they all started screaming their lungs out until Hubby (who thankfully was in the office in the basement) went and told them to calm down.
I had just put Thing Four to bed in his room, and I went and grabbed our emergency lamp and flashlight and we got the kids in their PJ's and into bed. Luckily I'm the Candle Queen, all I had to do was wander here and there lighting candles...

The power stayed out for a good hour, and still hadn't come on so I told Hubby to go to bed (it was nearly 11pm) and I decided to watch a movie on our portable dvd player. So I picked Persuasion (the Ciaran Hinds version--delectable!) and watched it until the power snapped back on and I had to go through the house and turn everything off.

Then I dreamed about the movie. I just love Jane's stories. She was the sole motivator for me to write historicals (well, ATTEMPT to write them!)--and I've greedily tried to own every Jane Austen film I can get my hands on--they're just

Maybe, whenever the power goes out, and we are magically transported to the 18th century again, I can make it a tradition to either read or watch a Jane Austen story. That would make it fun!

Well, my BOYS might not think so...hmm...better rethink that one.


Michelle Miles said...

HA! It'll be good for those boys! ;)

Ann said...

That's interesting - I can see some Jane Austin in the part of your novel that I read!

Colin said...

I'm ashamed to admit I've never read Austen before.... :-(