Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where Does it all Come From???

Status: Intrigued. Came down to the basement this morning and there was a big ole wild turkey having a look into our basement windows:I know it's not the greatest picture, but I kid you not, he was parked in the flower bed right outside the window, looking earnestly INTO OUR HOUSE. I moved closer to get a better pic of him after this one, and he casually got up and walked away. Maybe the sight of me half-dressed scared him off, or maybe he was just done with his reconnaissance mission. (cue Twighlight Zone music). I'd like to think it wasn't the latter...

Okay, so about the post title. I'm talking about LAUNDRY, here. You know how when you have a nasty head cold, and you blow your nose and blow your nose and you wonder where all the snot comes from?

That's how I am feeling about the laundry lately. Okay, sorry, gross analogy, but SERIOUSLY, I used to be in control of the laundry!!! Well, wayyyy back when it was just Hubby and me and Thing One. After Thing Two arrived, things started to slip. Now that we're a family of six, and three of them are two active boys and a baby...well, lets just say I have lost all illusions of control.

I am sort of screwed because my parents are staying in the guest room when they arrive at our house THIS friday, and of course I used the guest room as a "laundry staging area" during "Operation DeTox" last week. I had the kids bring every single dirty article of clothing down from their bedrooms--clothes, towels, etc, and then I made them sort them into piles to be washed. Granted, we don't have "darks lights and whites" anymore. We have Darks, light blues, browns, greens, reds, pinks, khakis, whites, sorta whites, etc. When we were finished I had 14 enormous piles of laundry on the floor.

So, I set about the Herculean task of washing everything. But, I did it all wrong. Instead of folding each load as it came out, I dumped it all on the guest bed, so I could sort it all out by kid later. BZZZZZZZZT. WRONG IDEA. I now currently have Mount Vesuvius residing on the guest bed, and I still haven't had a chance to wash every pile of laundry, because I have been busy running around all week.

A tad overwhelmed? Yes I am. So today is Tackle Mount Vesuvius Day. The kids are going to hate me by the end of this week. Yesterday I made them vacuum and dust and organize the basement and clean up the video gaming area. They told me they wished they were in school.

If only...


Michelle Miles said...

LOL the recon comment cracked me up.

Good luck with that laundry! And making the kids clean? Well, that's good for them. :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you about laundry.

Since we don't have facilities in the building any more due to floods and asbestos, it's been stacking up and I'm taking it to friends' houses.

Last weekend, over two days, I did nine loads of laundry.

And I'm only one person.

I can just imagine what it's like for 6.

And it's true, there are all the color variations that you have to separate out.