Monday, July 23, 2007


Status: Finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday after church--and I am proud to say-- I went into this book UNSPOILED! I didn't skip ahead or read the last page (not something I normally do anyway) I read it from cover to cover and I have to say, it was definitely Jo Rowlings best Harry Potter book BY A MILE. I won't post spoilers for those of you who are reading/will read it.

But I WILL say that two of my main theories about the series were SPOT ON and I ROCK!!!

Busy day today. Errands, Grocery shopping, Tennis lessons, Dr. appts, and the kids are currently about to tear each other's throats out over taking out the garbage so I'd best intervene! Here is the remainder of my Soap Article:

This Soap Won't Get You Clean, Part II:

And of course there are those typical soap "love triangles" (which soon become love octagons or inverted parallelograms or whatever).
For instance: Muffy is in love with Bill, but Bill is afraid of commitment. So Bill has a one-night stand with Shalene, who becomes psycho-infatuated with him, with a little "Bill Shrine" on a wall in her apartment, and stalks him. However, she ends up having a one-night stand with Bob, who in turn falls in love with her and breaks Muffy's heart (because she went after Bob on the rebound from Bill). Thus, Muffy and Bill reconcile. But their syrupy bliss is short-lived because Bill turns out to be Muffy's long lost brother, Blaine (who everybody thought died in a chemical fire eight years back.) And of course, Blaine and Shalene were ENGAGED when the fire happened...ooops. So there's THAT issue to deal with...
By the end of the show everyone is in therapy, and of course, TV viewers love every minute of it!
Why do we love it? Because it's brainless fare, and it's like watching one of those train wrecks you know are coming but you have to watch it anyway because it's so mortifying.

I'd stick around and complain more, but I have to run home to see my "monthly dose" of Y&R. After all, I'm dying to find out whether Victor really is going to marry that blind girl who stole his heart while he was living on her farm in the middle of nowhere after faking his own death. While there, he's contemplating whether or not to tell his son Cole he is his father. Cole, by the way, unbeknownst to Victor, is about to marry Victor's DAUGHTER...

I HAVE to see this!

It doesn't get any better than that, folks!


Anonymous said...

Yes, sweetie, you do rock -- but we knew that already!

Michelle Miles said...

LOL I love your soap commentary. It cracked me up :)

Unknown said...

I bought my copy today! I'm so excited!!!!!!! Thanks for not posting spoilers!