Thursday, May 03, 2007


I guess I was wrong. You see, when I originally found out I was pregnant, I was a few months along and this baby was a total surprise. So I couldn't give them "reliable" information on when I thought certain things had happened. So I gave them my best guess.

That put my due date at May 9th. But I wasn't sure. So they said my first ultrasound would be the determining factor. Well, when I had the ultrasound it projected my due date as April 30th, so I've always maintained that April 30th was my due date.

WELL, here I am, thinking I'm overdue, and my OB informed me that she is going off the May 9th date, so she won't consider induction until after then. So, I have at least a week more of waiting, unless Mother Nature takes over (dammit!) and something happens.

So, I get to wait. I'm not going to "force" things, if the baby isn't ready. But *I* sure am ready for it to happen! What can I do, right?

I just hope I don't have the baby May 10th. That's Thing Two's birthday, and I want it to be his own special day, you know?

What a mess...


Lowa said...

Well, you are a lot better than me! I was sure when my third son was due. It was the OPPOSITE, they told me two weeks earlier. I KNEW he was due the end of May, but they wanted to say the 17th. I was so evil, I let them think that. I wanted him out SO BAD, that I let them induce me on the 19th. Even that was too long for me. He was my smallest, only 7lbs 6 oz and I knew he was "early" but they thought he was a bit over due. I felt guilty, but he is fine. I was living in SC at the time and was DYING from the heat, humdidity, etc. I still feel guilty about my dishonesty and risking my child (kind of) but I was selfish. I truly was MISERABLE.

I hope little man decided to put you out of your misery soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Nature took care of things on Friday.

Keeping you in my thoughts!