Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SCORE!! (oops for the other team)...

This is what I love about six-year olds playing soccer. Other than falling all over each other a lot, there's the tendency to get disoriented and score a goal...for the opposite team.

"Not MY kid! He'd never do that! He's a soccer STAR! Look at him run! Look at him masterfully maneuver the ball away from the others...look at him...wait, um, that's the wrong way sweetie, turn it around...wrong way honey! YOU SILLY KID WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT'S THE OTHER TEAM'S GOAL!!!!!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!"

I had to laugh a little, because there is one parent on the team who brags constantly about his son, and his son scored a goal for the other team last night. It was HILARIOUS. I mean, the kid is six years old, cut him a break! I couldn't get over how upset the father was. In fact, he told his son straight up if he ever did that again he'd deny him his next water break.

The Freak. My son has inadvertently scored a few for the opposing side himself. And since he's ONLY six, I laugh it off and take a picture, you know? It's when they're 8, 9, 10--that's when they realize what is what and where to go. But six? Geez. Lighten up, people! And this guy isn't one of those "I have a truck with antlers on it" people either. He's got glasses and is always wearing his work clothes (dress shirt/tie) and he's very soft spoken. He's just a Pusher. His poor kid.

Okay, I am LOVING Spring. It's been so gorgeous and warm here, and Hubby was right to put a Spring fertilizer on the lawn, because it's this intense green and we're loving it. But we had to turn on the Sprinkler system, because we want it to stay green. The guy who set it up has every sector watering for 45 minutes, which adds up to SEVEN HOURS of watering, three days a week. OY. Our water bill is going to drown us. (Oooh, how's THAT pun?)

I get to run around and get Mother's day gifts today (and FedEx them too) and I don't want to. I don't want to move. I just want to work on my new story idea. But I've been in charge of the gifts for 11 years (because I wanted to be in charge of those sorts of things) but it will be nice to have this baby and get waited on ;-)

Thanks everyone, for your well wishes. I hope little Junior cooperates too! Right now, he doesn't seem to want to go ANYWHERE. He likes it right where he is. At this rate I'll be giving birth to a toddler--with teeth if I go much longer! And I don't have "big" babies, either. My biggest ever was 8 pounds on the nose. This should be interesting!


Michelle Miles said...

That poor kid is going to end up HATING sports.

Lowa said...

I feel SO BAD for kids whose parents act that way. Princess is the same age as Thing Three, as you know. And when her team plays, we don't even keep score. We clap and cheer when either side scores, encourage both teams, etc etc. The kids run around smiling and everyone is happy. Honestly, it makes one wonder how home life is for that kid if the father is that freakish.

You are SUCH A TROOPER! Truly, I know I have said it before but you amaze me! Being on your feet at all?? UNREAL!?!? I am dealing with period issues this week and feel like I may die and that is only a period, not pregnancy. All I did today was take a few of the kids to art class, get a few groceries and bake some squares for the home school meeting tonight. Now I will lay down ona heating pad until I go to said meeting. What a wimp, eh??

Have a great Mother's Day! I hope he is here by then:)

Anonymous said...

Well, you know, he's got a good thing going in there -- gets everything taken care of, doesn't have to take responsibility.

I'm going to laugh like hell if you end up with twins.

Lara said...


There's DEFINITELY only one baby in there! I would have jumped off a tall building LONG ago if it was twins!