Saturday, May 05, 2007

Typical Saturday...

We had it all planned out today. Hubby had to turn his car in for service at 8am this morning, and luckily the Lexus dealership is RIGHT across the street from the Original Pancake House, so we were going to have a yummy breakfast there.

WELL, Thing Two woke up with a fever. We obviously couldn't take him anywhere. So those ideas were scrapped. He stayed home with older sis while Hubby and I ran to the dealership with Thing Three, dropped off the car, and got the horribly NON-nutritious (but decadently yummy) McD's breakfasts for everyone and brought them home. I was surprised. Hubby usually won't touch McDonald's food. I guess once every few months is OK?

Then we decided to get tickets to Spiderman 3. Or rather, TRY to get them. We have a new theater that opened up close to us and it's not like any other. It's called The Majestic and it has restaurants, candy shoppes, a Palladium theatre, etc. inside. It JUST opened up yesterday. So I was a tad nervous about scoring Opening Weekend Spidey tix, at an opening weekend for the largest theater in the Midwest.
But we got em! And we got the Ultrascreen ones too! I am going to have to put about three coats over my belly so the baby doesn't freak out during the movie. It's going to be LOUD. (And yes, for those of you wondering, the baby is STILL inside me! The Dr. won't induce me until next weekend, so I will be in the hospital for Mother's Day!)

Thing Two was feeling better by lunch so we let him go to his friends' birthday party. Maybe the fever was a false alarm? I'm hoping so.

Now we're having post-lunch "quiet time" where the kids read quietly in their rooms. Hubby has started re-reading Order of the Phoenix (July can't come soon enough!) and I'm being bad and surfing the Net. Pretty typical Saturday for us, to be honest. It's too rainy and windy to do anything outside, unfortunately.

In fact, a NAP sounds good...


Michelle Miles said...

Rainy and windy here too. And HUMID. My gaw, you almost need gills to breathe outside. Blech.

I still haven't made it to Ikea. :D

Lowa said...

Stud took Cryptic and Jock to Spidey 3 yesterday when it came out. Took them at lunch time before all the public school kids would take over the place! They liked it. We won't let the younger two see it and I didn't care much. They came back and told me that I would have cried during half the movie anyway.

Sounds like quite a place you have there! WOW! Sounds like MY kind of theatre! Hope little man inside did not freak out too much and kick you too hard:)

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. I hope labor doesn't need to be induced all the way next weekend. Hope baby decides to emerge more quickly than that!