Wednesday, May 02, 2007

False Alarm

Sorry Guys. I guess I just won't blog about having this baby until AFTER I've had the baby. I seriously thought it was going to happen yesterday morning, because I was having LABOR PAINS. Apparently they were just a warm up-- because they stopped in the early afternoon, and NOTHING since. All I can say about that is %^*&*#!$%^$&!!

I mean SERIOUSLY, I am #$#^%*(@! tired of this @#@$&*@ "false alarm" !#$&*(!!why can't I just @#$^&*(^&#^ have this @#%$^*(^^&* already??????

Okay, I feel better. Of course yesterday was full of little "incidents." My personal favorite was I decided to lie down for a nap, and I was hot, so I took off my jeans and got into bed in a T-shirt (hey, I was alone in the house for starters, and who wants to wear tight-belly jeans while napping?) and then I remembered I needed to print up something for the kids on the computer so I heaved myself off the bed and went downstairs, and while I was in the basement the doorbell rang.
My blood ran cold. Of course I was downstairs with nothing but a T-shirt and underwear on, and my pants were UPSTAIRS by the bed and the way our house is laid out I have to run directly past the front door to get to my room, and OF COURSE we have see-through panes of glass in our front door, and long windows on either side, and a window on the top, so anyone trying to see if anyone was home would have a clear view of me dashing upstairs sans apparel.

Acting like a spy on reconnaissance, I peered around the corner and saw some short guy peering into the windows. So, swallowing my pride I yelled "just a minute" and booked around the corner and up the stairs (he at least stopped trying to look in when I yelled) and jumped into my jeans and answered the door.

It was the guy coming to turn on our sprinkler system, and I had forgotten all about it. I noticed he had a grin on his face when I answered the door, and I just KNEW he'd gotten an eyeful. Well, in my pregnant state, I'm sure it was more like TWO eyefulls, but I was over it, and I tried to act normal.

Yes, yesterday was an interesting day. As of right now, I feel absolutely nothing, and I am about to run the kids to back-to-back dentist appointments. I prayed this morning and said very specifically that I was HAPPY to go into labor any time, but after ten o'clock because it fit into my schedule better.

That means they'll be inducing me on Saturday. If I plead my case to the OB tomorrow and catch her on a good day...



Lowa said...

Oh my goodness! That is no fun about the guy coming to the door when you were without pants. ICKY! I personally don't ever peer into people's houses, creeps me out. There is no need. If they are home, great, if not, whatever. That bugs me for some reason, that he did that.

Sorry about the possible induction. I was so sick of being pregnant with Clown, that I showed up at the hospital at 5 every morning for almost a week until they finally let me stay and hooked me up to the pitocin!! Icky stuff, but it gets the job done:)

Don't worry about the false alarm, we want to hear how things are going.

Thanks for the reminder! My kids are due at the dentist also. Better get on the phone...but I have to take the puppy to the groomers first...

Michelle Miles said...

this story...heheheheh I can't help it. It just cracks me up! :)

Good luck at the doctor's!