Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saying Goodbye...

Today was a little strange. Apparently it was announced at church that Hubby and I are moving, (I only went the last hour because I had to teach the lesson and Thing Three was having SERIOUS diarrhea problems) because I had everyone coming up to me and asking me where we were moving to. It sort of caught me off guard, because generally, people don't speak to me at church.
I guess that's my fault, I never felt like I fit in there, and we never really tried. I guess I was too caught up in my own life and my own things, to care much.
But now, Hubby is in Denver to stay, and the kids and I will be joining him in a couple of weeks.

It has been an emotional weekend. We went to dinner downtown Friday night (my mom would be proud--I actually got a sitter) with a bunch of Hubby's business friends, and our good friend Stephanie. It was so much fun, gorging ourselves and laughing and re-living all our best/happiest/most embarrassing moments, and of course, at the end, there was a lot of crying and hugging. Such a bittersweet farewell. Bitter because we are leaving good friends behind--true friends, and sweet because we are getting a fresh start in a place we already love and are very excited about.

I admit I have been a VERY bad blogger. I still haven't had time to write, but now that things have calmed down somewhat, I will definitely be better. Hey, I might even regain my sense of humor! I seem to have lost it the last few weeks. I dont know how long I will last, having to keep my house spotless every minute of the day (for those "Hi-this-is-so-and-so-realtor-and-we'd-like-to-show-your-house-in-20-minutes" calls) and having Hubby be in charge of all the re-designing aspects of the new house in Denver (we can't seem to agree on decor, he likes Cherry, I like Maple; he likes dark granite, I like SEMI-dark granite, etc...thank HEAVEN we at least agree on stainless steel appliances! UGH!) and a plethora of other things that are irking me, but as B.K. so truly put it: I will get through this.

It's all a matter of leaving my comfort zone. I am comfortable. I need to get uncomfortable, or I'll never grow, I'll never go anywhere, and I'll stay where I am, in my own little rut. Gotta get out; gotta get moving.
Hey, at least I have one thing to look forward to: I bought the Season One DVD set of "LOST" because (and DON'T freak out) I never saw even one episode last season, so I am going to watch two a night until I've knocked 'em all out. Then when the Season 2 DVD comes out, I'll watch THAT, and so on. So, I'll always be a season behind, but better late than never, I always say.

Hope everyone is having a safe weekend, my thoughts are with those who were affected by Rita, and those who are still suffering from Katrina.

Cheers everyone,


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