Thursday, September 16, 2004

Yucky Day

Today was well...lame to say the least! I am fortunate enough to have a cleaning lady come once a month, and on that day I have to "disappear" for the three hours it takes her to do my kitchen and bathrooms.
Well, I piled my boys and my puppy into the car, and ran errands, and upon returning, we found that someone (none of my kids will admit to it) left the freezer door open in the garage, and we lost all the food in it. (not to mention the hundreds of popsicles that are now JUICE.)
So, I had to clean that all up, and the cleaning lady wasn't gone yet, so I took the boys and puppy out into the yard to play-we rolled around in the grass and laughed at Hagen (the puppy) while he tried to eat all the clover he could.
Come to find out, while we were gone, our yard people came and sprayed WEED KILLER and fertilizer on the lawn, and the cleaning lady informed us AFTER we trooped in, ready for lunch.
I of course gave EVERYONE a bath, and freaked out and called the vet for advice, etc...fearing the worst.
Long story short, we're all okay, no one died and it's been a Loooooong day. Blech!

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