Monday, September 27, 2004

Ahh, Mondays

What is it about weekends? I seem to get nothing done during Saturday and Sunday, except run around and let my house clutter up. I guess it's because I am cleaning during the week, so Saturday and Sunday are my "rest" days. But I pay for it on Monday. Today I have about eight things to contend with, but at least I have all three kids in school for 2.5 hours and I'll be able to get a chunk of it done.
Hagan (our pup) has a vet appt. this morning. We are going to find out why he pees so much. The poor dog pees every 10 minutes, and has several accidents a day. I am hoping it's an infection that can be cleared up with pills or medicine, because otherwise we'd have to give him back. I can't be mopping up pee for 10-14 years...

But I have a suspiscion that it's something else. He's done this since we got him, a few weeks ago. Maybe it's Puppy Incontinence or some such defect. Hopefully he's ok. I'll write more tomorrow.

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