Friday, May 17, 2013

The Slenderman Costume.

I'm a little "late" posting this, but some years, Thing Two has some REALLY great costumes. You should have seen the "Link" (Legend of Zelda) costume I did for him one year. You can click here to see it.

Anyway, last Halloween he wanted to be Slenderman. Apparently there's this freaky, faceless, black-suit-and-tie-wearing freakazoid out there in Gameland, running around and his faceless face is the last thing you see if you aren't careful and get away from him. Which means GAME OVER. Oh, and he has freakishly long arms.

So, Thing Two wanted to be him. I had fun building this costume. All I needed was a black suit, shirt, black tie, (he already had these for church) 2 yards of black fabric to extend the arms, and a white Morph Suit.

Behold, the end result:
His friends he went Trick-or-Treating with took a few pictures of him in the woods. Because you usually encounter Slenderman in the woods.

Creepy. But awesome.

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Anonymous said...

oh my God! He looks freaky! Way to go, mom!