Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heart Broken

I'm taking a break from wit today, since I don't have any. I'm upset by the devastation in Oklahoma, but worse, about the elementary school deaths.

Remember as kids, growing up, we'd have the "tornado drills?" The teacher would tell us to crouch underneath our desks? I always wondered what it would be like to be in an actual tornado.

I found out, years later, in my late twenties. I was working at Dillards in Sugarland, Texas, and a tornado tore the side off my store. It was terrifying. It was devastatingly loud. No one was killed, thankfully, but we were all shaken up and freaked out.

My own kids are scared of tornadoes. Whenever we get a "Tornado Watch" or "Warning," I reassure them that they will be safe, that they need to go to sleep and not worry. And they believe me, because something that horrible doesn't happen all the time.

I think of those poor children in Moore. They were in their schools. They knew it was coming. They were terrified. And then it hit them dead on. I can't wrap my head around what they must have experienced.  Makes me want to hug my kids a little closer, today.

My prayers go out to the vicitms and their families. I have some links for donations if anyone feels inclined.

If you want to donate to help the disaster victims, you can donate at the Red Cross: Red Cross Disaster Relief fund

Or, more local to the victims,  the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief's Website. This organization says donations will "go straight to help those in need providing tree removal services, laundry services and meals to victims of disasters."
It is requesting monetary donations (It says clothing is NOT needed). For more information, and to donate, visit Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief's website.

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