Thursday, January 03, 2013


It's a daunting word, sometimes. Every January I get what I call the Organizing Itch. I want to dejunk the house, and make the most of the space I have. Home Depot is my friend. I get storage tubs and shelves and what-not-thingies to help save space. There is a lot of wasted space in houses, you know? Like most closets. There's like FIVE FEET of clearance above the top shelf. How many people actually use it?

These past two days have been stay-home days. Cleaning, unpacking, washing and yes, organizing. And I've been getting some writing in, too. I went to a book club meeting in Idaho where my book was the featured book, and it was nice to answer questions and talk about the story. Some of the ladies had really good questions. And of course they all asked when the sequel would be ready. I've gotten about 5K out on...not sure exactly what it is, but I guess if it's good enough to be considered a sequel, then that's what I'll go with. :-)

We are having a Sports dilemma. Thing Three, who is my most active athlete, has been doing Taekwondo since summer. He's advanced quite quickly, and has also been invited to do Elite Sparring. Here's the problem, he is also doing basketball this season, and for the next two months every single one of his games are Saturday at 8 or 9am. Guess when Elite Sparring meets? Yep. Saturdays at 9am. He wanted to quit basketball, and he still sort of does, but he also loves playing it. What to do...what to do...

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Brenda said...

My oldest daughter quit ballet after her second year of pointe class for softball. After seeing Billy Elliot on Broadway, she regretted it. She still loves the ballet.

Unfortunately, life does have choices. He'll do fine with whichever one he choses.