Friday, January 18, 2013

SNOW? What???

Got a nice little inch of snow last night. Which is WAY rare for where we live. I don't even have snow boots or gear for my kids, that's how long it's been. My maltipoo, Maggie, didn't know what to make of the snow this morning when my son took her out to go to the bathroom. Of course it's going to be 50 degrees today so it will all be melted, but it's kind of cool to see white lawns and rooftops for a change. :-)

School wasn't cancelled today, thank heaven, because my daughter has midterm exams this week, and her Algebra exam is today. Otherwise she would have had to wait until Wednesday next week, because the kids have a four-day weekend. Yes, we're being total bums and not going anywhere--just hanging out at home.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Granted we have sports games for half the day on Saturday, but that's normal for us. Sunday I want to be a slug. That's my favorite day!

I have a personal trainer I've started going to twice a week, and MAN is he kicking my butt! Literally! I can't even lift my arms to the steering wheel to drive my car home after our sessions. And the next day, I sit down like an oooooolllllldddd lady. We'll see if I get any results.

It's Friday! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Stay warm!

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Brenda said...

We didn't get any snow! The kids were so bummed. They didn't have school that day because it was exam makeup day at CMS.

Good luck with the trainer. It's so worth the soreness.