Monday, January 07, 2013

Monday Monday..

Mondays are always crazy days for me--as far as running around. I usually volunteer on Mondays too at Thing 4's school--today will be the last Monday. I have a Personal Trainer I will be going to on Mondays and Thursdays, so I guess Wednesdays will be my "volunteer" day.

It's funny how my 5-year old LOVES IT when I come to his class and chaperone field trips and help out (I'm the room mom, it's actually kinda fun) and my middle schoolers and high-schooler don't say a PEEP about me volunteering at THEIR schools.

Are they embarrassed? Is it "uncool" now to have a mom who helps out in the office or media center or sign-in desk? I guess. Better enjoy my 5-year old's appreciation while I can!

I am glad it's January. Things are calmer. All the holiday stuff is down at the house, and without it even the house seems calmer (except now I get to deal with Valentines Day stuff SCREAMING SCREAMING SCREAMING at me in the grocery store aisles...mmmm....candy hearts...wait...what?"

...ANYWAY, I am on a very focused mission to de-clutter and dejunk the house. As I do every New year/Spring. House first, garages last. I look at the state of my third car garage and I just...can't. Not until I've tackled the house. (Although I DID put all the Christmas stuff back in one section, stacked on shelves in neatly-labeled plastic tubs. NEXT Christmas I will know exactly where everything is! Hooray!)

It's still cold, though. This morning was low 40's. But this week will be nearly 70 degrees every day! I am SO fine with that, but no more comfort food for us! I have fallen completely in love with my new Keurig (Hubby insisted we get one but since we aren't coffee drinkers I didn't see the point, until I realized you can make HOT COCOA and HERBAL TEA with it) and those little K-cups are awesome. Although there's something tactile about having my mug of herbal tea, bag tag out. I still do things old school that way. But I won't give up my hot drinks until about March. That's when things really start to warm up around here!

I just realized I blogged about a whole lot of nothing. I better get showered and get to the school! My 5-year old awaits!! ;-)

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