Wednesday, January 02, 2013

HAPPY NEW 2013!!

It's kind of freaking me out, how quickly 2012 flew out the door. Does anyone else feel this way??

I was a total Scrooge this holiday season. I was so busy, I didn't send out any cards or gifts, or make cookies and deliver them like I usually do. I was basically just trying to keep my head above water, and it was very difficult.

Christmas break was well-needed. We spent it with Hubby's family in Idaho, and a few days we spent in the mountains snowmobiling and hanging out in an awesome cabin. It was amazing. A little too cold for this North Carolina girl, but amazing all the same.

And now we're back home. I have been working my tail off since this morning and officially erased all traces of Christmas. Everything is moved back and packed up and put away. Now I need to dust and vacuum and tackle the HUGE/ENORMOUS/COLOSSAL pile of dirty clothes we pulled out of all seven of our suitcases. :-P

2013 will be interesting. I just hope it's a "good" interesting. I have written down some goals for myself, and looking at what I'd like to accomplish seems reasonable, only I have to make some life changes to accommodate these goals. Not so easy.

One goal is to definitely blog more. and WRITE. I have a story mulling around in my head and a few other ideas I need to jot down. And I need to start submitting again, now that agents are digging their way out from underneath their slush piles and open to submissions once more.

We all have head colds. It really sucks. Other than that, I'm glad to be home and I am determined to get this house organized. We've been in it a year and a half and it's TIME.

Gotta get 'er done!!

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diamondc said...

I was like you I did very little baking, only baking for the Christ Child Luncheon.
I have goals this year myself, I hope I get them done.
Huh 2012 I donot know where it went what a fast year, it not only flew by it was like a strike of lightning.
Happy Newyear