Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Way Ticket To Insanity.

I guess I should just shut up, because people move every day. They pack up their stuff in boxes, load them up into trucks, and MOVE.

But I like to whine about how HARD it is to pack up all my junk! Because I have so much of it! ;-)

When we moved here from Wisconsin, I had 500 boxes. FIVE HUNDRED BOXES. And that's just boxes. That doesn't count furniture, and all the other crud. Take the biggest moving truck trailer you've ever seen (you know, those ones that are so long they shouldn't be allowed to legally be on the roads) and we filled one of those TO THE BRIM. Plus another semi half that size filled with storage.

It took a team of ten men two days to pack my house. And we're talking majorly experienced packers, with boxes and tape and paper galore, they didn't have to stop and hunt down a box or paper, or empty out something for the box. Nope. They just PACKED. Ten Men. Two Days.

I'm little ol' me, with kids away at camp. I have four weeks. I think I'm going to be 10 pounds lighter when this is all done.

And of course I have neighbor kids running through the house at all times of day, depleting my snacks and begging me to take them (because my kids put them up to it) the pool, and can I just tear my hair out already?

My favorite part: Hubby has a super-important-can't-miss-it-have-to-go-or-else business trip, and he doesn't get back until the DAY before we move.

Thank heaven for PODS. Thank heaven I thought of them with my own brain. Or I think I'd lose it. ;-)

ps--is it bad I'm enjoying the peace and quiet having one kid away at camp affords? Does that make me a bad mother?

Oh, and we are NOT asking our church to help us move. They are not a moving company, and that's how we've always felt about it. I know, we're prideful that way. ;-)


Michelle Miles said...

No, it doesn't make you a bad mother. You're normal. :)

Good luck with the moving. I hate it. It's the worst. But once you're there, it's all worth it.

Devon Ellington said...

You remember what I went through Oct./November with the move, don't you?

It's hard to have people come "help". The only thing I can have other people pack is books. Everything else, I have to sort as I pack.

It'll get done. You know why? Because it has to. The deadline's there, and it'll happen.

And then, your husband better pay for you to take a week at a spa, since he's not helping with it.

Anonymous said...

Or he can send you to visit your parents! LOL!


Aimee said...

If your last move had 500 boxes and you have 30 days until you move, the math says you'll need to pack 17 boxes a day to get it done in time. Maybe round that number up to an even 20 to give you some elbow room at the end. At least you now know how much to try to knock out to get it done in time. Go ahead... call me Rain Man.