Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christmas in June!

That's what it is. Freaking CHRISTMAS. Because I am opening up boxes I never opened up the LAST move (last year), and discovering all sorts of new and wondrous things I never knew I had. And what's sad? 90% of it is stuff I didn't miss and don't need. Off to Goodwill it goes!

My daughter (bless her) is having a rough time. She's just like her mommy. Pack rat-ish, and nostalgic to the core. She wants to save her school papers from the First grade. She wants to keep the banged-up jewelry box she had at age five that she hasn't looked at in three years, but recently dug up.

**Lara throws up hands in frustration**

That's what I get. She is, after all, a mini me.


Michelle Miles said...

I'm a pack rat, too, deep down. I still have t-shirts from high school for goodness sake. WHY? Because I couldn't part with them. They're currently stashed in a plastic space saver back and shoved to the back of the linen closet. I guess there just comes a time when you HAVE to get rid of stuff but it's hard. I empathize.

Anonymous said...

I just finally got rid of my skinny clothes from 1976. I kept them until I could get into them again but it was still hard saying goodbye. Oh, the old stuff I still have! I'm the sentimental mega mom, Lara is the mini me, and thing 0ne is the mini, mini me.

I'm afraid we're all cursed. :-(


Devon Ellington said...

Don't throw away something just because you haven't looked at it for awhile. Weigh its emotional value against everything else. Some things from our childhood will grow in meaning as we get older, and we regret it if we let go.

If it's broken or truly useless, that's one thing, but if a strong, positive memory is attached, it's been imbued with spirit.

I'm purging at least one third of the stuff in the boxes in the basement, but I'm being very careful.