Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm on Facebook. Yes, I Know, I Know. You Can All Collectively Roll Your Eyes!!

In the words of my friend Aimee, Hell has Frozen Over. Pigs now Fly.

I am now a member of Facebook! I only did it because, well, I guess you could say I bowed to the pressure. I guess it all boils down to the old adage "Never Say Never." (Yes, I stole that from Justin Bieber.)

Times change. Luddites get High Speed Internet. Lara Joins Facebook. It's a logical conclusion.

Oh, and just for funs, here is a conversation I had with Thing Three as I was driving him to scout camp this morning. (He was reading the labels on the Campbell's soup cans I let him take for the Camp Food Drive):

Thing Three: "Soup sounds kinda good right now, Mom."


Thing Three: "No, I did, I just like soup. But I especially love Clam Chowder. I like those chewy bits in the chowder. What are those?

Me: "Those would be the clams. Clams are chewy."

Thing Three: (Long pause) Those are...clams? I'm eating clams??? (shudders)

Me: "Why do you think they call it 'clam chowder?'"

Thing Three: "I don't know! But now I can't eat it knowing there are CLAMS in it! GROSS!"

Yeah. Kids make zero sense sometimes.


Michelle Miles said...

Welcome to FB! :)

Kids are hilarious!

Devon Ellington said...

I tried FB, but haven't been able to access my account for six months and no one on staff will help me, so, if I ever get back in, it's only to delete! ;)

Most people love it, so I'm sure you'll have fun.