Monday, June 20, 2011

Knocking Out The List...

Met with a woodworker this morning, I am AMAZED at what he can do! We have a niche next to our fireplace and we want a nice dark set of bookshelves with cabinets built-in. This guy can do whatever we want. He's that awesome. Mike Vick of Timber Wolf Wood Creations, Inc. If you live in Charlotte, he's your man!

Then I  I ran to the store and brought home Subway for lunch, because my kitchen is messy. Bad Lara. Thing One emptied the dishwasher and refilled it, but I need to go around wiping down the counters. Sticky floors and sticky countertops. That's what I have. Especially since Thing Four (who is four, heh heh) has decided he needs a straw with every beverage and likes to BLOW BUBBLES. Yeah, I shut that down pretty quickly. ;-) But my floors need to be mopped, especially around the bar stools.

Today is getting more stuff into the POD, put the final coat of polyurethane on my dining table (I refinished it, and it looks GREAT I will post pics when I'm done!) and then I need to start packing up a room. I already packed up all the books in my office, and it looks so bare, but I don't use them currently so they had to get boxed first. I never realized how HEAVY the books are! Lots and lots of little boxes. So the movers can actually MOVE them. ;-) I am so lucky, a family just changed houses in our church ward and they asked me if I need moving boxes (um, YES!!!), so I will have boxes galore. Happy happy!

They're installing the carpet in our new house this week. It's getting close!

I hope everyone has a happy Monday!


Michelle Miles said...

Sounds like you are one busy lady. I wish I could fly out and help you!!

Devon Ellington said...

I always use the file size boxes from Staples for books. They each hold one shelf of a standard bookcase, and they're small enough so I (and the movers) can lift them.

You're getting a lot done!

Anonymous said...

They would make a better look if you purchase kitchen countertops that are also of counter height so as to create uniformity with the chairs.