Monday, June 06, 2011

One More Week of School: Just Shoot Me How Exciting!!! Woo!


Also my good friend Devon Ellington (Writing as Annabel Aidan) has a novel out today: ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT! Congrats, Dev! You can buy it here.

I am conflicted. Happy vs Sad, because it's the Last Week of school. Of course Hubby just left for NYC this morning, he'll be there all week, so I get to brave the festivities and parties on my own, but that's usually how it is, so no worries there. I have a husband who travels a lot. At least he stays in the U.S. when he travels. I have friends with husbands who go Overseas, for weeks at a time.

No complaints from this Momma.

I'm beginning to get a tad overwhelmed with everything I have to do, but I also have this Adult ADD problem (which drives my Hubby nuts) where I do a little here in one room, and do a little there in another room, instead of just STICKING WITH ONE ROOM and finishing it. I can't do it. It's beyond my scope of ability. It's usually how I write, too, but that's another post. ;-)

It's supposed to be BLAZING hot all week, mid to upper 90's, and humid. Yep, Summer is here. I am fine with it, I like being outside in the morning and evening, but during about noon to five, it sucks to be outside. Probably because A) I'm still used to "hiding indoors" from my Wisconsin years and B) I am extremely fair-skinned and can't be out in the sun very long anyway unless I slather on the SPF 180. Also a rather embarrassing C): I hate the way people smell when they're outside and they come into the cool indoors. (Myself included.) The sun makes them...stinky. There's no other way to describe it. I hate the smell of baked clothes and baked people. Does that make me weird?

Oh well. Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Devon Ellington said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm very excited about the book.

The heat still kicks on at night/early morning, but it's supposed to warm up this week.

Aimee said...

12 more days of school for us. Well, 11 now. The kids don't know it, but teachers look forward to the last day more than they do!