Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Junk is Having Babies. I Am So Not Kidding.

Those of you who have moved have certainly experienced this--you look at a room and think "Okay, I'm ready to pack this up! Shouldn't take long!" 30 boxes and 2 days later, it's still looks the same, and you are wondering why you have so much junk and why you ever had to save all those cards and school projects and clothes from college.

Seriously. I am experiencing this right now. What I don't understand, is I have been THROWING STUFF AWAY. Lots of it. Yet it either keeps coming back, or what I have is being fruitful and multiplying, because I still have a FERSHLUGGING MOUNTANEOUS TON OF CRAP.

And yes, it felt better to say that! Whew!

Deep breaths, Lara. Deep breaths...


Devon Ellington said...

I know. You toss and toss and toss and toss and pack and pack and pack and pack and it looks worse.

I finally realized it's got to look worse before it looks better.

Just keep at it. You will win!

Anonymous said...

You're moving? I haven't been on here a while. Devin is right. It will get better. You can do it.


Michelle Miles said...

That's what I hate about moving! You think you're done and yet there are all these little bits and pieces that continue to hang about. They won't fit in a box. You don't wnat to throw them away and yet... they're still there.

I keep thinking I need to fly out there to help you. LOL