Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Need to Stop Going To Barnes & Noble.

Seriously, I have wayyy too many books. My bookshelves are full.

(I know, buy another bookshelf!) Well, the books I buy aren't that light. My wood shelves are sagging. Because the books I usually buy are research books. You know--the big heavy ones with glossy pictures that could grace any coffee table.

I went to B&N (aka my Home Base) yesterday to get a simple gift card for my SIL who is graduating with her Masters this Friday. In and out, right? WRONG. I shouldn't have put Thing Four in a stroller. Because that meant I wanted to browse. Nope, I should have let him run free, because it would have motivated me to have a brief visit.

Granted, I only spent $37 above and beyond the giftcard amount (three research books) but I really didn't need them. Well, ONE of them, and the rest I got because they were...pretty. They pretty much contained information I already had in about ten other books on my shelf, but I'm always on the lookout for a "different take" or "spin," or new portraits, etc.

Barnes & Noble knows just how to get me, with all those pretty, glossy books. They know I'm a sucker for them. And my moving guys will hate me for it. Do you know how heavy boxes of books can get? Especially the really big books. Bad Lara.

I can't sleep. I'm currently reading The Botticelli Secret, and enjoying it immensely. Sure, the heroine is as irreverent as all get out (um, she IS a 15th-century whore on the streets of Florence) but so far I'm intrigued. And I'm a sucker for historical fiction. Especially Davinci-codelike fiction. :-) Because, you know, all famous artists had double meanings and secrets hidden in their works of art. Ha ha.
Thing Four (who will be three next month) has his first dentist visit today. He's had all his teeth since about age 1 1/2, so it's time. I brush them every day with Thomas The Train toothpaste, so I bet he's ok. I don't floss, though. Because A) He's so young he wouldn't let me and B) he has HUGE gaps between his teeth. I doubt anything could get stuck between them.

I suddenly have the urge to floss. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

Books are a depreciable expense for writers, so buy as many as you want.

I'm out of bookcases, too. I have something like 15 big ones in a one-bedroom apartment.

And stacks of books everywhere.

And 2000 books still in storage.

Michelle Miles said...

I'm out of space, too, that's why I'm donating a bunch of paperbacks to the office pool. :) I'm a sucker for books. I love them. Covent them, actually.