Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Head Colds Make Me Crazy.

Or maybe not. I kinda like not being able to breathe through my nose. And that lovely scratchy throat that feels like someone rammed an old corn cob in and out of it...oh, OH! and of course there's the body aches and chills...yeah. I'm very fond of colds.

And I'm feeling snarky today. I guess because I'm at the end-ish part of my cold, and it's just more annoying than anything. Colds suck.

Poor Thing One has the "throat" part, and she has six games of volleyball today. She doesn't have a fever, and she can breathe, so I Motrined her up and she's at school. Thing Four woke up holding his throat and told me it hurt. Poor thing. I know how it feels. At least we're all getting it at once.

Tricky maneuvering tonight. Thing One has Volleyball at 5:20, and Thing Three has one of his last indoor soccer games at the complex ACROSS town, at 6 pm. Throw an out-of-town husband in the mix, and a cranky two-year old, and you've got an interesting evening. I asked one of the other soccer moms if she could give Thing Three a ride. I hate doing that, but unless I clone myself, he won't get to the game, or I'll miss the Volleyball game/have to drive back and fourth three times.

I filled my gas tank on Monday and I'm already down to a quarter tank. *sigh*

I found my prescription sunglasses!!! They weren't stolen/lost/transmogrified after all!!! I suddenly remembered (after I prayed, ha ha) that I'd stuck them in the package of lil' Swimmers diapers to keep them safe!!! So, I went and found the diapers, and voila! There they were! I am so excited to have my lovely sunglasses back. I had gone to the vision place and it would have cost over $200 to replace them. SO glad I have them again!

Okay, my house is a mess. I need to get off the computer!!

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