Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chores Schmores.

So, things are going swimmingly so far. I know, Summer is only in its first week, and soon my kids will be whining and complaining about how b-o-r-e-d they are and how it's too hot to play outside and all the video games are boring, and they want to do something fun, and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. And I will be going insanely NUTS.

But for now, we're keeping busy with sports camps and chores. I'm a mean mom this summer. Instead of a reward system for chores, I have what I call a "Deny" system. It's very simple. You have to cross off all the chores each day that are in your own personal square. If you don't, or if you miss any, I will "Deny" you privileges the next day. Privileges such as the Wii, computer, playing with friends, going to bed late, etc..

Works like a charm. Last night, the boys were getting ready for bed and I noticed they had crossed everything off except "tidy up room before bed." They groaned and asked me if they could do it in the morning, since they were TIRED.

I smiled at them and said "Sure, no problem. Only since you didn't get that chore done today, you're both grounded from the Wii tomorrow, ALL DAY LONG. So, sure, you don't need to tidy this room today if you don't want to."

They tidied their room and had the lights out in under four minutes flat.

I LOVE the "Deny" system. Rewards work on little kids. But on older kids, taking away stuff can be much more convincing!

Ugh, time to go rescue the floor, my two year old has finished his yogurt.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a system that works.