Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Kids go to the Stepford School...

Okay, so it's 48 degrees. That's still COLD compared to lately! I feel horrible because Thing Three came home from school yet again without his jacket, I had to run to the Walmart down the street and buy one for him.

Their school is weird. And I mean WEIRD. They won't let parents inside, for any reason, unless they are there for a conference or as a volunteer. They lock all the doors so you have to go into the office and wait to speak to someone, and I told the office person I was dropping off a jacket for my son, and she took it from me and said she'd get it to him. She said they don't allow parents inside the school because it "disrupts the class flow."

Okay, that is just strange. The two other schools my kids have gone to, parents were able to sign in, and get a badge, and at least wave at their kid if they were dropping something off. And if the teacher was nice, the kid got to walk their parent out and give them a hug.
Not at this school. It's run like an Army Base, and there is ZERO clearance unless you have an appointment.

I guess in a way I should be glad, but it's annoying when I just want to say hi to my son, and hand him his jacket, you know?

Not here. No disruptions. Zero tolerance on just about everything. And they are dead serious about curriculum. And they have very rigid traditions.
My eight-year old daughter, Thing One, told me this morning that she doesn't like school so much.
"Why don't you like it?" I asked.
"I don't know. It's weird there."
"What do you mean by weird?"
"They're uptight about everything. And it's just...weird."

Not sure what she meant by that, but I had to laugh when my middle son's teacher called home the other day and reported to me that my son had "blown a raspberry" at another student and that kind of behavior was unnaceptable. I about laughed her off the phone. Blown a Raspberry? What happens if he REALLY spits? Does he get expelled?

Okay, I just need to stop. I appreciate what schools do for my kids, but RELAX, already! This isn't STEPFORD, people!

I am freezing. Time for a pot of Postum!

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Lowa said...

Wow. Weird is right.

I think it says a lot that your eight year old is feeling uneasy. Maybe it is just me, but I would take that VERY seriously. Good for you for laughing at the woman on the phone. If you want some more entertainment, check out my blog on what freaks they are at my kids' school too! ARG!

Is there another school they could go to?? Are they all about test scores and all that junk?? Kids need to be kids, for crying out loud. They aren't going to learn anything if it is forced on them in a rigid environment. That is why I prefer homeschooling as you know and are likely fed up with me raving about! LOL Sorry!

Wish it was cold here! I LOVE THE COLD. But I guess, since I am Canadian, that is not surprising:)Seems you always get to live in the nice cold snowy areas and I don't:( *whine*