Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Everest...

I'm getting a new routine in the morning. I get the kids on the bus, and then I grab my Ipod and my Treo phone (gotta stay connected--in case the school calls and tells me Thing Two has fallen off the Monkey bars again) and I head out for a morning walk-jog. Wog. Whatever. I do that for 45 minutes and I'm set. Although I've only done it two days and I have a MAJOR blister on my right heel, I'm excited to do it. Because it's so beautiful and green here, and the trees rock. They're huge and everywhere. LOVING it!

Working out in nature is so good. Who wants to stare at a blank wall on a treadmill? I'll be doing that soon enough, when the snow is four feet deep outside and it's 20 below. I have to say though, there is a hill on my route that is killing me. I call it my "Everest." Let me explain:

My subdivision is on a hill. My house is at the top of the hill, and when I go walking, it's downhill pretty much the whole way until I even out at the bottom. Then I circle around for a bit, and start the treck back up. There is a street that takes me there, but it is such a steep grade I'm surprised they made it that way...especially since we get snow and ice here.
About halfway up, I begin to lose steam. I have to play my "victory" music while going up this hill, because, I tell you, by the time I get to the top where my house is, I feel like I've just climbed Mount Everest. I ran into my next-door neighbor at the top (she wusses out and just walks around the top) and tried to talk to her, but I couldn't speak. I was too winded.

So, of course I've figured that if I go down the hill and up the hill twice, it's 45 minutes, give or take. I'm going to do it every morning until it snows. Go Me!!

I've been writing every night. It's been good. I'm not on fire, or on a roll, but I am doing it and that's what matters. It helps me get out all the stress of the day.

Now its time for a shower. Climbing Mount Everest makes me stinky... ;-)

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Ann said...

Whew! Hills are killers! Congrats!