Friday, September 08, 2006

Picture Day Woes...

Okay, what was up with the entire UNIVERSE being against Picture Day, today?

School Picture Day: It's the one day that you send your kids to school, actually worried about how their hair will hold up during four recesses, and whether or not they'll get a blob of peanut butter and jelly on their shirt right before pictures. So you take extra steps, and give them extra instructions, to keep their cute selves "cute" for pictures that will be immortalizing their cleanliness, or messiness, as the case may be.

I mean, SHEESH! What a lot of fuss for a picture!

So, I set the alarm this morning for 6:30 (bus comes at 7:45). I wasn't taking any chances.
Well, lo and behold, my alarm didn't go off. I was laying in bed, thinking "wow, I woke up early" so I glance at the clock and it read 7:20. SEVEN FREAKING TWENTY!!!!!!!

Which meant I had overslept and now had exactly 25 minutes to feed the kids, pack all their lunches, help them with their hair and clothes and get them on the bus.

The next fifteen minutes went by in a blur. I was in Power Mommy Mode. I felt like I had eight arms. Somehow, (probably Divine Intervention) I got them all dressed and fed, and looking cute. Luckily they'd had a bath the night before and I had put out their clothes they were to wear.

So, 7:45 rolls around, and we're frantically stuffing backpacks, and I told the boys to head out to the bus stop one block away, because Thing One was trying to decide between two pairs of sandals and a pair of shoes (and to MY CREDIT, she ended up going with the ones I originally picked out for her, so THERE) and my boys came running in.

"Mom, it's pouring rain outside."

Words that will strike fear in any mother's heart on Picture Day. (Right up there with "Mom, you love me, right?")

I wasn't going to have my children's perfectly coiffed hair ruined by rain, no Sirree! So I told the kids to hop into the car and we'd wait by the bus stop in the car! HA! Take that, Mother Nature!

Well, let's just say it's a good thing I have a roomy Expedition because I ended up waiting at the bus stop with half the kids from the neighborhood squished inside, avoiding the downpour, because their moms were worried about their hair. I was the HEROINE of the hour, let me tell you!

And the bus came, and they loaded up, and I sighed a big long sigh of relief. (Along with all the other moms.)

I'm now thinking things went a little too smoothly. I'm actually a little nervous.

Picture Day isn't over yet...


Lara said...

I'm agreeing with you. People like that need to GET REAL. (And they make me crazy!!!)

Michelle Miles said...

AW GAW! It always goes that way when you try to plan ahead. LOL Let us know how picture day goes. :)