Friday, September 22, 2006


Today was raining, hard. I have started a trend...rather than make my kids walk one block in the rain to the bus stop (the bus is so unreliable...they could be waiting up to TEN minutes) I put them in the car and park myself right where the bus picks them up. Well, I did this last time, and all the other kids took shelter in my car.

THIS time, there were SIX parents in cars parked around the bus stop. It was hilarious. Hey, I don't want my kids sopping wet, and there's no shame in driving them 100 feet on a rainy day! One lady, the bus picks her kids up in front of their house, but she had them in the car, waiting. A car is an extension of your house anyway, right? I have a feeling I'm going to be doing this a lot on blizzard days.

Thing One was so funny today. She has been begging me for a denim skirt forever, and I finally found one at Target with built-in bottoms, that wasn't at her crotch. What is it with the 7-14 sized clothing these days--looking like it belongs on a ho in a rap video? I mean, these are young girls wearing these clothes. I for one am not letting my daughter step outside the door looking like pornography for some dirty old man to ogle. Or young boys at school, for that matter.

I teach her to dress modestly, and there isn't one thing wrong with that.

Back to the skirt. It's actually just above her knees, and I made her wear opaque tights with it. Well, she was all dressed up this morning, thinking she was all that, and as soon as the bus came, she saw all the other kids in jeans and motioned for me to roll down the window. When I did she said to me:
"Drive me home quick, Mom, so I can change. Everyone else is wearing long pants and I'll feel stupid!"

I looked at her for a moment, then told her to have a good day and rolled up the window.
I'm sorry, but that was the most ridiculous statement I'd ever heard from her. She's got to stop thinking like a sheep. Just because she's wearing a skirt with leggings and everyone else is wearing jeans, she wanted to risk being late to school so she could "fit in."
Perhaps it was a tad unfeeling of me, but she had BEGGED me to get her this skirt. And it's not like she's going to freeze, it's just raining.

She'll be fine. Although we are going to have words about the crusty look she gave me when I rolled the window up on her.

I have many errands to run today. In the rain, UGH. And I'm feeling queasy, as normal. I've already eaten enough saltines and yogurt to kill a pig, I need to think of something else.

Have a good weekend, all!


Unknown said...

Ha!! "ho in a rap video"! Thanks for the early laugh out loud!!

Michelle Miles said...

LOL I think you're going to have your hands full with that one. ;) But good on ya for making her suck it up. Eventually she'll get where she doesn't care and know that's okay to do her own thing. :)

Shannon said...

Hey friend - I should be calling on the phone right now to set up your potential "photo shoot" - but I had to say this in your blog - what is up with CRUSTY LOOKS! Can't take it!

talk to you soon,
Shannon Dickman