Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Almost Made It...

I put my baby, Thing Three, on the bus this morning for his first full day of Kindergarten. I won't see him until 4pm.
I was fine with it. I knew it was going to be OK. He was so excited, and playing with the other kids at the bus stop while I chatted with the moms, and then, when the bus turned the corner and started coming down the road to us, he immediately made a beeline for me, wrapped his arms around my legs and said "I'm going to miss you, Mommy!" in his sweet little voice.
I put my arm on his back and patted it and said "I'll miss you too, sweetie, but you'll have so much fun today!"
And then he held hands with his older brother and got on the bus. I waved at them as they waved from the windows, I chatted for a few minutes longer with my neighbor, and then I walked into my empty house, sat down in the living room and promptly began bawling my eyes out.
I called my Hubby, cried some more, called my mom, cried some more, and then wanted to slap myself silly for being such a NINNY.
But there is something about putting your "baby" on the bus, knowing that he's been in your care for nearly six years of his life, and now, he's out in the world and for the next seven hours, he isn't yours, and you can't protect him.

Yeah, I rant about being ready for the kids to go to school, and being rid of them, but it's moments like these that I realize how fast Life goes.

Okay, gotta go. The tears are threatening again...


Lowa said...


Now I am bawling!

I hear you, trust me. I sent my baby to K this morning also, but it was only for an hour. She will normally be gone for 2 and a half hours day. She never went to preschool or anything at all and it is HARD, for sure.

I am anxious to hear how he did. I know he loved it and it is harder on you. Good you had your Mom and hubby to talk to about it.

You sound SO MUCH like me! Right when you said you chatted and stuff I was thinking, I bet you she got hom and started bawling.

Uh huh. *sigh* I can relate, trust me!

Michelle Miles said...

Aw, it's not easy. And don't you feel bad for crying about it. I felt exactly the same way when I sent mine off to Kindergarten (all day too) and I thought: but I'm not there.