Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I've Got the Itch...

I haven't written a word in over a month. I haven't been able to indulge in the Internet, either (one of my vices) and it's been pure torture.

I read my writer friend's blogs and they all talk about how their WIPs are coming along, and how many words they got out the other day, and I'm jealous. I still have a lot of unpacking to do, and heaven knows my To Do list is a mile long, but my fingers are itching to write, and I have half a mind to scrap some errands and sit down and do it.

I have so much inspiration around me, at present. I just saw the new Harry Potter and although the feel of the movie was a bit rushed and episodic for me (but I suppose it had to be or it would have been a six-hour long movie) it was amazing and fun. It has made me want to revisit old stomping grounds, like my Other World that I invented, and also I now have the desire to traipse through the ruins of Philae with my two turn-of-the-century heroines, which is a good thing, since my agent is waiting for new material from me.

But when to do it, when to do it. Certainly not now, because I have to run the kids to school and then the ADT guy is coming and then I have to get a new driver's license and run to the store and the dry cleaners and THEN I have to unpack some more.

But it's nice to know that my stories will always be here, waiting for me. Patiently.

Now I just need some patience...

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Michelle Miles said...

By all means, scratch that itch, girl! At least you have an itch. I got nothing and it's depressing me.