Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm BACK!! (Well, sort of...)

I have about 3.7 minutes to do this post, so I will just say that we are officially in Denver and all is well (if you can consider living in a half-finished-remodeled house well--I have a big hole where my kitchen is supposed to be and I have been going between the fridge in my garage and a microwave oven in my laundry room) and I promise to update everybody on Monday, November 14th.

So expect a big 'ole post sometime then. Right now I have to keep the kids off my newly-stained wood floors (they are off school today) and unpack about 7823,987 boxes upstairs, that I haven't been able to do, because I have been locked out of my house for four days straight while they did my wood floors.

Let me just say that the last few weeks have involved a lot of "rolling with the punches" and "creative living/cooking/breathing/etc." but in about two weeks it will all be over and we will have a shiny new house, and I will be able to get settled into a routine. Until then, AAAACK!! (insert gut-wrenching scream of frustration here) and I promise to post on Monday!

Have a safe weekend, all!



Lara said...

*embarrassed grin* Well...ACTUALLY, it was our decision to remodel the house after we bought it--so it's all our fault. We'll never do this again, I promise you!

Unknown said...

Wouldn't it be nice if YOU could run off to basketball games in North Carolina??

Glad you guys like it there!! Milwaukee won't be the same without you guys!!

Michelle Miles said...

Remodeling... *shudder* I hope you get it all done with little to no headaches. :) Hang in there and welcome back...sort of. ;)