Monday, November 28, 2005

All Calm on the Home Front...


I just pushed out the door with a stick...erm...I mean sent off the last of my Thanksgiving holiday relatives, and I will admit that despite several moments of chaos/major drama/contention/mortification, it was a lovely holiday.

We are settled nicely in our home in Colorado now. A home, which, up until the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, more resembled a construction/war zone than a house.

I am actually sitting here a bit shell-shocked--It's just me and Thing Three in the house (and a few remaining boxes in my office). No construction workers. No plumbers. No dry-wallers. No tile-people. No granite people. No hardwood floor people. Nada. Just quiet, and the sound of Christmas music softly playing throughout the house.

I am sorry I have been a bad blogger. But honestly, I didn't have time to shower, let alone blog. (Not that I could have showered anyway, I had a toilet sitting inside MY bathroom shower--had to use one of the kids showers.)

I was busy trying to get the house in perfect condition for the holiday relatives, and our interior designer, Jody, (bless her heart) who had committed to a certain deadline, was definitely "held to it" by my Hubby and she was even helping me unpack boxes and hang pictures on the day before the deadline. Jody, Hubby and myself were working like dogs, and at any given time we had no less than 20 workers in the house. It was bedlam. It was chaos. It was horrible. But now it's done and now that we have a house we can live in, I have to say it's nice.

NOT NICE: Having to wait in long lines for my vehicle registration/drivers license because I waited until the end of November, decrusting my kids' noses every morning because they still aren't used to the dry climate (and for that matter, having to slather on lotion every half hour on any exposed skin parts) and having headaches from the OH MY HECK BRIGHT sunlight that kills your eyeballs if you don't have super-duper-made-of-lead sunglasses on. (What can I say, I now live in the Mile-high city now!) And boy, is it sure bright up here.

But we're here, and we're happy, and I am off my head with joy because I JUST discovered that I have The Tattered Cover only a few miles from my house, and I found it by accident while I was U-turning (and cursing simultaneously) because I missed my turn-off for the vehicle emissions testing center. So you can bet I will be paying that bookstore a visit tomorrow!

Well, time to feed the kiddo and organize some boxes! I am just glad to have some normalcy back in my life. I've sure missed this!


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Michelle Miles said...

Welcome back!! We have missed you terribly. Glad to hear your thanksgiving went great and you are back to normal. Normal is good! :)