Monday, April 04, 2005

Vacation Finally Over!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Ever get the feeling that in life, when you’re finally holding all the cards, everyone else is playing Chess?

AT LAST! Whew! I thought I was going to go slightly crazy there for a while. Spring Break is over, the relatives and in-laws are all “flyed home” as my four-year old would say, and Life is generally back to normal. The visit from the relatives was actually OK. Aside from constantly having no hot water in the house and the consumption of enough “road-trip food” to sustain a small principality in France for an entire month, the visit went surprisingly well, and we only had to pry the four-year olds apart about 17 times, instead of the “around 50” times we were dreading. (and the seventeen times were a glitch-- due completely to the fact that we only own ONE Buzz Lightyear Super-sized Action Figure instead of two).

I have been struggling to get my “fixes” in since they’ve all gone. I have a couple of writing forums I frequent, and a news webpage I visit, email, assorted other websites, and of course, my novel-in-progress, which I have sorely neglected and would seriously get a lashing from my agent if he knew exactly how much I’ve neglected it.
So I’ve opted to go double-time on the writing--still at night though, the days are too full with Soccer practices starting up for all three kids. Egads...

I did get a chance to get some reading in, however, during all the road trips we made. I got in a little Clive Cussler (I've decided that his novels all suspiciously have similar plot elements) and finally finished the last of the Dan Browns (who CLEARLY has the same M.O. for all of his novels as well) and opted for a little light reading, specifically Harry Potter (I am currently reading Goblet of Fire, and will proceed with Order of the Phoenix just in time for HBP to come out)
...and I’ve decided that my favorite new word in the wide world, is…(drumroll please)…GIT.

It’s a fabulous word. Especially used in conjunction with other words. As in He’s a stupid Git. Or she’s a great blubbering Git, you know?
Too bad for me that “Git” didn’t exist in the time period I’m writing in, (1890) so my dorky characters get to be “ninnies” or “witless worms” instead of Gits. Darn it.

Well, time to get the kids off to school. I’ve got my pot of Postum, and I’ve even already had a shower today.

Yes, things are looking good…

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Michelle Miles said...

HEHE... I used to read Clive Cussler. I got bored with him though after about the tenth novel. However, Dirk Pitt sounds quite sexy... (what can I say, I'm lonely) Anyway.... while I liked The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown's writing style gets on my nerves. Just my little ole opinion. :)