Tuesday, April 03, 2012


One thing I detest about a new lawn: weeds. Especially since the sod is new, and really all we could do last year was fertilize it, because WEED and feed would have hurt it. Now, I'm wishing we might have taken the risk. Our back yard, for some reason, looks fabulous and thick. But our front (of course the part EVERYONE sees) has horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE weeds. Broadleaf weeds, the hardest to get rid of. We had Tru Green spray last week, and all the other weeds are dying, but I swear the broadleaf weeds are thriving. UGH.

Let me give you an example. We mow the grass, and the NEXT day, we have weeds sticking up above the grass. Do we mow the whole thing again? I have taken a weed whacker to the lawn and let it live up to it's name, but it's still a pain. These weeds MUST GO.

I am driving around a little silver Chevy Impala. My rental car du jour. Well, make that for this week. I have to say, as cramped and tiny as the kids and I feel in it, it gets AWESOME gas mileage! I would already be down to half a tank in my Sequoia. (A gas-sipper, it aint!) And the gas needle in the Impala is JUST below Full. Amazing.

I still miss my car. I get to pick it up Friday morning, and it will be all shiny and dent-free. Nice.

I forgot to take my Zyrtec D this morning, and I'm starting to pay for it. Because, like a fool, I just went out and weed-whacked the weeds. ACHOO!!!


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Devon Ellington said...

I have to fertilize the lawn and put down some grass seed in the front. The back looks good, but the front is unhappy.

I dread having to deal with the mower again!