Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Letting a Head Cold Get Me Down...

I've been battling a sinus infection. We're talking MAJOR teeth and face pain. I went to the doctor, got my three-day course of antibiotics, and six days later---I still have some pain. As in, really? The antibiotics didn't work? Of course while looking it up online I stumbled on stories where people have sinus infections for so long their facial bones become infected, etc. etc. so you can bet I will be heading to the doctor tomorrow, AGAIN, if this pain doesn't go away.

Just finished the last round of edits for my book and sent them off to my editor. STRESS! Luckily they were just little things, but sometimes, even a misplaced comma can change things drastically. You know the old example:

Let's eat, Grandma!" He yelled.


"Let's eat Grandma! He yelled."

See? Little tweaks can make all the difference. :-)

I'm toiling away on a novel between dejunking my house, room by room. It was Thing Four's room a couple days ago. I organized all the toys, drawers, closet, etc. Everything is perfect. Now on the the next one!

I just hope I kick this. Being sick sure puts a crimp in one's life...

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