Friday, February 24, 2012

Something's Not Quite Right...

I was doing bills the other day, and I was shocked. SHOCKED by how much money we spend on gas every month. I was looking at the total, and it was almost as much as we spend on food! How crazy is that?

I tend to stay away from personal things on this blog, like Politics and Religion (two things you may be surprised to know I feel VERY strongly about) so I'm not going to say much, but I will say how grossed-out I am by the fact I spend $85 every time I fill up. Luckily I live really close to the South Carolina border, and gas in SC costs an average of twenty to thirty cents less a gallon. So I just zip there to get my gas. CRAZINESS.

Have had a rough week. My foot is injured so I've been hobbling around. I feel like I can't get a lot done unless I ingest enough Ibuprofen to kill a horse. This weekend is going to be crazy. Basketball season is winding down, but I have three kids with games tomorrow and it's going to be a little interesting. Luckily most of what I do involves running around in a car, and my left foot is the affected foot, so I can drive no problem. It's getting better every day. I'm just ready to be BETTER.

Soccer season starts up soon! Thing Four (who is four) told me yesterday he doesn't want to play soccer. He said "Mom, I want to play T-ball, because I want to be a baseball player!" This surprised me, because we've never encouraged him one way or another in sports. I figured micro soccer would be a fun outlet for him. But he wants to do T-ball. I'm down with that. As long as he's doing something. ;-)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! It was 80 degrees yesterday. The trees are blooming in Ballantyne. Of course it gets BUTT cold over the weekend again, but Spring is around the corner!

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