Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm a Woodworking Carpentress. (NOT.) Oh, and I'm Avoiding Pinterest...

Told a friend today I was busy building drawers for my boys, because they share a closet, and the closet if full of two dressers, and since I want them to be super organized, I bought two sets of plywood double drawers from Target to build and add on to their existing dressers. (For socks and underwear, because all their shirts and shorts and jeans and blah blah blah don't exactly fit into ONE dresser.) And I went with the plywood cheap kind because they're just going on top of the dressers in their closets, so no one will see them but them. Yeah. I'm cheap sometimes. But I don't care.

AnywayI'mtotallyrambling, when I say I'm "building drawers" I guess I should say they're the "assemble it yourself" kind, so people don't think I'm one of THOSE moms who goes out to the lumberyard and has all sorts of jigsaws and woodworking tools in my handy shop in my garage where I BUILD DRAWERS.

Ha ha, see? Major difference there. Guess I should clarify. ;-)

I'm avoiding Pinterest. OH. MY. WORD. have you BEEN on Pinterest???? I salivate just looking at it. I think if I seriously sat myself down (I have an account but that's as far as I got) and started looking and "pinning" I'd be on it for hours a day. HOURS.

I don't have time. I want to, but I don't have the time! I already check Facebook about 5 times a day, Pinterest will sink me. Want to know what I'm talking about in case you live under a rock and don't? Click here. And consider yourself warned.

Happy Monday everyone! The sun is out!

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Unknown said...

Get the Pinterest app....then you can pin while waiting in carpool lines, drive throughs, etc. :)