Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Change is Good.

Unless it really isn't change at all. So, I've been eating Yoplait yogurt since High School. Which means I've been eating it for over twenty years. Only Yoplait, none other. I decided to make a change yesterday, and try something new. Just to see what's out there. I bought Dannon Light n Fit yogurt and...*drumroll please*...they taste the SAME!

They really do! I was surprised. It was Yoplait in a Dannon package. Whether this is strategic or not, they are identical to me. Hmmm....

Busy week for me. I wrecked my foot and I've been hobbling around on it, and last night it was so bad once I was in bed I started whining. Hubby told me to elevate it, and it totally helped. Today I'm trying to function with a gimpy foot and it just isn't fun. I must have sprained it. It's the same foot I chipped a bone in a few years back, and it feels like an identical injury. If it doesn't get better by the weekend I'll be taking a trip to Ortho.

Oh, in FABULOUS news, all three of my older children need braces. Well, Thing One doesn't really "need" them, but she is extremely self conscious about her diastema, which is a natural gap in the front teeth: 

These aren't her teeth, just an example. But she is VERY much hating the gap, so we are getting it fixed with braces. I told her it could be worse. Her teeth could be like this:
This would be Thing Four. (who is four years old. ) He has severe diastema. And yes, he will need braces too, eventually.
Anyway, I learned something about Orthodontia. It's EXPENSIVE. As in I-Need-A-Money-Tree-Planted-In-The-Backyard-Immediately-Please expensive. Oh well. It's Life, right?

Time to do laundry! There's no changing THAT, unfortunately.

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