Monday, November 07, 2011


Do you ever have such crazy weekends you're actually GLAD it's Monday? Don't know if that makes sense, but sometimes, it's how it works at my house. We run around like crazy on weekends, and when all is said and done, I'm actually GLAD for a little peace and quiet when the kids are all in school and I actually am alone in the house for the 3 1/2 hours I get per day. ;-) Except I usually spend those hours cleaning or running around, so it's not like I truly enjoy them or anything. Ha ha. But I will say the pace is less...frenetic.

Hubby is in NYC all this week, so I want to get a chunk of my sequel written--at night of course. I got the Halloween stuff down and packed away, but I left my Fall stuff up, because it's Thanksgiving soon of course, but I just realized--in two weeks I will be PUTTING UP CHRISTMAS TREES!! Wow. I just shivered. You have no idea how exciting Christmastime is for this momma. LOVE Christmas.

And now it's time to crack the whip over my 12-year old son--who would forget to do EVERYTHING if I didn't remind him. *sigh*

Happy Monday!


Devon Ellington said...

Yep, I can't believe we'll be putting up Christmas decorations shortly. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Dad actually broke down and got out a Christmas movie last night! I feel like we are traitors to the Thanksgiving spirit. They are playing Christmas music in the stores!!!!! Found myself grooving to Johnny Mathis... Oh my! WAY too early.


Brenda said...

Your mom cracks me up. "Grooving to Johnny Mathis" LOL.

I actually have stayed long enough at my day to to accrue three weeks of vacation.

For the first time in probably ten years I'm taking time off around Thanksgiving and Christmas.