Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Morning Chaos.

Thing Two, who is twelve, is NOT a morning person. His brothers are up around 6am, and he lies in bed until I drag him out by his heels/pour ice water on him/shout into his ear with an air horn. The kid doesn't like to get up in the mornings. Which is actually fine. Because three boys doinking around in the mornings is NOT good for the nerves.

Thing Two lately has decided he wants to get up and shower and get completely ready for the day 100% (thanks to an Epiphany last week or my frustration coming to a head, not sure which) so he has decided he will wake up at 6am along with his younger brother.

Yeah. Not liking that so much. They roughhouse. They run through the house. They do stunts. They yell. I like my mornings peaceful. Is it bad I told Thing Two this morning he could stop waking up and stay sleeping in until 7am--because the house is too chaotic?

I guess we'll figure it out, but this is NOT working.

I need to see an allergist and get shots, or something. I have a constant headache right between my eyes lately. I don't know if it's all the moldy leaves or what, but I am miserable! And I can only wear my contacts for a few hours at a time, because my eyes turn red. MISERABLE. I'm usually lazy about getting my own self to a doctor, but this time, I need to just go. Momma's been crabby lately!

And now they're fighting over who used the milk last. Because neither of them want to put it away. Seriously? My kids are turkeys!

Happy Tuesday!


Devon Ellington said...

Feel better soon!

Brenda said...

I saw a poor mom in the orthodist office last week with two boys who did nothing but giggle and fight for a solid 30 minutes.

When I see that, I'm so thankful I have two girls in between the boys to buffer them. Not that it works all the time and I did make the mistake of taking them both to the eye doctor together once. I was bonkers by the time we were done.

Do your research before deciding to get regular allergy shots. They're made from blood products so there is definitely some additional risk. I double down on the OTC allergy meds - one at night (store brand Zyrtec) and one in the morning (store brand Claritin). It does work but I might overdose one day.