Monday, July 10, 2006

Back from the Dead

Well, not really dead, but I feel sort of like it. I haven't written in nearly two weeks.

The Family Reunion went well, generally speaking. Except for the fact that we hadn't had any rain for two months leading up to the family reunion, and then, DURING the family reunion Mother Nature decided to give us two months worth of rain that entire week. We couldn't go to Pike's Peak. Rain. We went to Six Flags. Got rained out. Tried Garden of the Gods. Rained out. 4th of July Fireworks got cancelled because of the rain. We couldn't even boo Barry Bonds properly in the Rockies/San Francisco game because we were drowning from rain. I mean, WHAT WAS THE DEAL????

And now that the family has left: SUNSHINE. Next time I see Mother Nature, I might accidentally step on her foot. I mean, really!

So it's more or less back to normal. I feel tentative about sliding back into the grind--I read a few books during vacation--I reread Angels and Demons, and then Rebel Angels, Libba Bray's sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty. I was disappointed in the ending. I mean, clearly she was setting up for a third book, but the book had been going along at a steady pace and suddenly in the last few chapters the action took off and it's like she realized she only had a few chapters left and squeezed all the action in she could get. It felt rushed and crowded, and I didn't care for it.

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and Superman Returns, and Click. I liked all three, and can I just say that I could stare at Brandon Routh (Superman) for HOURS? WHEW!!!!!
I did NOT care for Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane. She looked too young, and there was ZERO chemistry with Superman. But then again, I guess they weren't supposed to have chemistry? (???)

Well, it's time to run errands. I am going to get some writing in. I have had so many ideas bouncing around in my head, I am going to need the afternoon just to get them all written down!

Hubby got me a Treo (I was calling it a Blackberry but he said "No, it's a Treo") so I guess I'd better call it what it really is, but can I say I just love it? It's like having a mini computer/phone/camera/camcorder/Ipod/TV/gameplayer/etc. etc. etc. with you at all times. I love Technology. Technology rocks.

More tomorrow!


Lowa said...

That is too bad about the rain:(

I have not seen Superman yet, but Johnny Depp is the guy I could stare at for hours! No??

That new gadget your husband got you sounds awesome!

Glad to have you back!!

Michelle Miles said...

Welcome back! And congrats on the Treo. It rocks. Oh and... I wrote 10 pages today. :)

Lara said...