Monday, July 17, 2006

La La La

So, apparently the kids did NOT drive Grandma to drink while Hubby and I slipped away for our weekend together, although I noticed when we got back she did have a few more frown lines, but it's not like I'm going to TELL her that. (heh heh.) But we needed the weekend together and it was good. Can I just say it was way too HUMID where we went??? Blech.

My life just took a turn for the crazy, but it's a welcome crazy. I just hope my writing time doesn't get squandered by the craziness.

Thing Two just lost his first "on his own" tooth. I didn't even know he had a loose one. Apparently the two times Hubby has pulled his teeth have been so traumatic for him he decided to omit us from the news that he had a loose tooth to begin with. He's very proud of himself.
And yes, the Tooth Fairy will give him two dollars tonight. I won't even MENTION the near-debacle we had when the Tooth Fairy completely spaced giving Thing One her two dollars last year and she wandered into our bedroom at 5am, forlorn and stunned, carrying her tooth fairy pillow with the tooth STILL IN IT.
The excuse? It was still way too early and if she hurried and went back to bed the Tooth Fairy would be able to finish her rounds for the night.

Now why did that lie feel particularly sh*tty?

I haven't forgotten the two dollars since.

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