Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Scared.

Read a crazy post a few days ago, by a blogger who used a picture (off of Google, who doesn't?) and apparently even though she linked her picture back to the source and gave credit where credit was due, the person who owned rights to the picture sued her. And WON. And it wasn't a little bit of money.
So, no more Google image searches for me, unless they have ZERO copyright restrictions. I have decided that if I can't find it, I will draw a really, really SAD rendition in stick-figure form, of what I want the picture to look like, or take the picture myself. That way, I cover my...rump. Because I LOVE to google image search. With reckless abandon. Well, no more. So, if you see posts with crudely-drawn stick figures (because I can barely draw a straight line, that is why I'm a WRITER not an ILLUSTRATOR), it's because I couldn't find a picture of what I'm looking for. I am apologizing in advance.


diamondc said...

I ordered it I read it and I love it the book you wrote Unearthed was a page turner, I plan on reading it again, I am so happy with the ending, I just thought Matt would go on to something else, there I did not give to much away, so other readers will have to buy the book and find out what a great read this is, I read several books a month, this is a great story.
Simply beautiful.

Lara said...

Catherine--I am so glad you liked it! (You're welcome to give it a review on Amazon, if you'd like)
Thank you for the kind words!I really appreciate them!