Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Monday (La La, La La La La)

Got the Monday song stuck in my head. Had a good weekend. Had a near miss when we woke up Saturday morning at 8:30, only to discover Thing Three's soccer game was a FIFTY FIVE  minute drive away! Can you say UGH? And his game was at 10:15, and his coach likes them to be there 30 min early. SO, we had to shove breakfast down his throat and literally throw on clothes and take him. Oh, and it was POURING the whole soccer game, until the bitter end. But the sun came out, they won 4-0, and the drive home wasn't so bad, except for the part where I was seriously threatening to fall asleep and had to stop at a gas station for a diet coke.

Sunday I taught my class--I have the best primary class ever. I teach the 9/10 year-olds, and they are the BEST kids. All twelve of them! (Well, only ten regularly attend, but our classes are lively!) Then after church I came home and baked twelve dozen cookies for Hubby's work, because I'm nice that way. (He asked me to--very nicely!) Then we watched the Packers and vegged. It was a relaxing Sunday.

Busy day already so far. Thing Three missed his bus so I drove him to school. (It's a good thing the school is actually IN our subdivision!) Then drove the older kids to middle school, got Thing Four ready for preschool and got him dropped off, and I just finished a 3-mile walk/jog. It's 80 degrees outside, and it will be in the mid 80's all week. I think I'm ready for the 70's. That would be nice. ;-)

WHEW. I have dishes and laundry calling my name (as well as some chocolate chip cookies but I'm ignoring those) and four new chapters that need editing. So I guess I'd better get on them. Before the afternoon craziness commences!

Hope everyone has a good Monday!


Michelle Miles said...

You sound about as busy as me. :) I miss our email chats!

Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like a great time all the way around.