Thursday, September 15, 2011


Despite feeling like a cement truck dumped it's contents into my skull, I went for a run this morning on my favorite nature trail after I dropped Thing Four off at preschool.

It was gorgeous. Green, tranquil, perfect. On my last leg a doe walked right across my path about twenty yards ahead of me, and when she entered the trees she stopped and looked back at me. She didn't seem skittish, just curious. She was a young doe, I could tell she'd been a fawn recently. She was so pretty. I greeted her in what I call my "puppy" voice, and she just stared at me as I smiled at her and broke into a jog on the path.

Gotta love mornings like that.

Hubby is traveling, and my kids are over their colds, but I am in the middle of mine. I want to give a big kiss to whoever invented Advil Cold Liquid gels, because they are AWESOME. Nothing else works for me.

I am nearly finished dejunking the third floor. (The place I shoved all my moving boxes I didn't want to deal with.) I've been writing here and there, but honestly, if we are going to have people over and have them watch movies upstairs, I need to make THAT a priority. Next week, I want to get in 2K a day. (Words, not kilometers!) ;-)

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold. The high is in the mid 60's. The HIGH. Woo! I'm breaking out the Postum. Okay, it's not really Postum, it's actually a not-so-potent substitute called Pero, but I will call it Postum because that's what I've called it my whole life. I just wish Nestle or someone would buy the darn recipe from Kraft and start manufacturing it again. I miss it.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Aimee said...

I've had Pero the last two mornings. The stuff really does taste like dirt, but I'm hoping that enough flavored creamers and time will help me make the transition. Either way, sweaters tomorrow! woo hoo!

Lara said...

You are right, Aimee, but it's the closest thing to Postum right now. I think it's just WEAK tasting. I have to put in a bunch to get closer to the flavor I want. But yes, Splenda and creamer are a must!

Apparently there's something out there called Choffee, and they say it tastes the most like Postum. Haven't tried it though.

Devon Ellington said...

So glad you got in a good run!

We're on frost warning for the weekend.