Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The Big Move is happening in 2 weeks, and although I won't be packing up my computer until next week, I still will be running around like a head with my chicken cut off. So, this blog is going on hiatus until July 25th. I know that's a long time. I'm sure all five of my readers are GREATLY disappointed, but sometimes Life happens. (And sometimes I procrastinate until the 2 weeks before something happens and have to runrunrun and not have time to even breathe. ;-) It's my own fault. I may still do Twitter updates occasionally, so if you want to follow them, you can find me on Twitter. (@Larawriter.)

So, stay tuned, and I'll see you all on the 25th of July!! Stay safe, have fun, be good!



Claudia said...

I'll miss reading your blog, but I know you need the time to get ready for the move. Take care and take some time to relax too, Moving is stressful!

Anonymous said...


I get it. I hate moving. I hope you get through it all okay. And you'll be in you're new house!


Devon Ellington said...

I'll miss you, but I totally understand.

Sending you Happy Moving Vibes!

Michelle Miles said...

Happy moving! I'll be thinking of you. Text me every now and then, k? :)

Georgie said...

Happy moving, girlfriend! XoXo