Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You Know How You Have One Of Those Days When...

...nothing seems to go right?

That was me yesterday. Yesterday, in a word...sucked.

Let me explain: We have LOTS of family descending upon us this Sunday to help out when hubby goes into surgery. It's a great thing, but it's also stressful. It's mostly my MIL. She pokes into closets and shakes her head, because yes, I'm a crammer. A stuffer. The queen of the "My House Really Is Clean Illusion." In other words, yes, my house looks fantastic, but don't look in my closets.

I love closets. They are the greatest invention known to man. Why? Because if you have no idea where to put something, and you don't want it just sitting out where people can see it, you put it in the closet. Old clothes you can't part with? Put them in a spare closet. Boxes you haven't unpacked from the last move? Closet.

You get the general idea.

Well, the enormous walk-in closet in the baby's room has basically acted as the major catch-all for everything, for the last two years. And yesterday, I thought I would tackle it. Only because my SIL and MIL will be in that room, and since SIL will be bringing HER 18-month old, she needs a crib.

So, I pulled everything out of that closet yesterday, starting at 8am. Don't worry, by the time 5pm rolled around, I was just finishing the vacuuming of the closet and room. It took me ALL DAY LONG to figure it all out.

Also, the baby's crib got recalled, and of course the replacement we wanted had to be ordered, and I had gotten a phone call that morning that the crib was in. The poor baby has been sleeping in a pack-n-play for two weeks. So, I thought, being the "Jane" that I am, I would run across town to the Babies R Us, pick up the crib and set it all up so the baby could have a real bed again.

I set out. I got to the store, and the girl brought out a box the size of Austin, Texas. There was NO way I could fit that in my car--and I have an Expedition, mind you--when all the seats are folded down, I can fit in two sofas, and about 18 circus clowns. But no, this box was HUGE. So she broke open the box and pulled the crib out (in pieces) and we put them in my car, while my nose froze off from the bitter cold.

THEN, I got home, and enlisted the help of my whiny children to help me lug the pieces upstairs. But most of them were just too bulky and heavy, and as I was pulling them upstairs I noticed something was amiss. I remembered the crib I ordered had sloping curves, like a sleigh, and these crib pieces didn't have ANY curves. Finally, after I got the last wrapped piece up the two flights of stairs from the garage to the baby's room (I was out of breath and tired) I unwrapped the springs and looked at the instructions and SCREAMED.

It wasn't the crib I ordered. This one was plain and frankly, looked like a prison cell. I got on the phone immediately and our conversation went something like this:

"Um, this is Lara, I was just there, were you the one who helped me?"

"Yes, I did."

"Well, I just pulled this thing upstairs and realized it isn't the crib I ordered!"

"Um, let me check...oh...uh oh...that's because we ordered the wrong crib for you."


"But wait, we might have the one you ordered in stock...let me check."

"Please let that be true."

"Yes, it looks like we do."

"Oh, thank you, I'll be right back!"

She was very apologetic and everything, so I wasn't that mad. I pulled everything back downstairs, piled it all back into the truck, opened the garage door, and backed out...AND HIT THE GARAGE DOOR.

It had only opened about two feet, and stopped. Yes, I plowed right into it. With my Big A** car. I screamed, and started freaking out. I got out, and sure enough, I had bent it outwards, and one of the wheel/sprocket thingies had popped out. I spent the next half hour in the cold dark, trying to get it back in somehow, but I couldn't do it. Luckily the door wasn't that bad from the outside, just the inside. So, after a few choice words, I closed it and ran back to Babies R. Us.

As I was driving, I called my MIL to tell her about the door, because I knew Hubby would NOT BE AMUSED, and as I was driving a doe ran in front of my car and I hit her. I didn't hit her body, but I clipped her rear legs, and I slammed on my brakes and freaked out. I didn't see her, so hopefully she got up and ran away, but at this point I was thinking WHAT IS NEXT??? SERIOUSLY???

To make this already long post short, I got the right crib, and by that time Hubby was home and we got it put together quickly and he was actually very nice about the garage door, after he got over the initial shock and said some not nice things, mostly about me "not paying attention," which were actually true, and after that I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open and I only got out 438 measly words on my NaNo project, before I fell asleep in the bed.


Yesterday's Word Count: 438
Total NaNo Count: 23507

And let us hope and pray today is NOTHING like yesterday. Please???


Michelle Miles said...

You poor thing!!! No wonder I didn't hear from you.

I hope you have a very quiet day today!

Jennifer said...

Repeat after me, "I am a hollow reed. The wind blows through me with no trouble."

I'm so so sorry about your rotten day! XXOO

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about a day like that is that the days can ONLY GET BETTER.

Here's hoping Tuesday is quiet and writerly productive.

Lowa said...

Wow. You deserve a trip to the Spa girl. Seriously!

That is UNREAL! It doesn't matter if you were paying attention or not, that could have happened to ANYONE and if he had been dealing with all the crap you had been, it could have happened to him too!

GET TO THE SPA!!! I have never gone myself, but you need to, really:)

Unknown said...

Wow. That's all I can say. What a crappy day!!! Hope today is better!!!

Aimee said...


Colin said...

Look on the bright side; it can't get any worse!

Hope you have a better one today!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully NaNo Karma will understand that "those days" do happen and bless you with a full (quiet) day of tons of energy and inspiration. :)

Have fun this week with the ILs.